Add Value and contribute to the community through awareness and involvement

 Educational programs, Well-being programs, Coaching, Therapies, Courses, Workshops for children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds




By giving, we learn to be next to beings in need. Giving is above all, a deep and personal act, springing from a human need, that of perfecting ourselves. When the feeling of sharing and of offering to the other, in one form or another, appears and grows within us, we evolve as beings. We want Atlanthea children to learn this from us, because through involvement in community, we will come together: parents, children, facilitators and the whole community. So, we invite you to join us!



We care about the problems that disadvantaged children face: lack of access to education, poor financial situation, inadequate nutrition and health risks, poor ability to integrate into society. Through awareness and active involvement, through humanitarian projects and campaigns, we at Atlanthea want to have a positive impact on the community, to contribute to a better world, thus producing the desired change. Each of us is a piece of a big puzzle and each contribution matters.

our purpose

  • Atlanthea Association is a non-profit organization that aims to promote education among disadvantaged children, creating environments and situations conducive to learning.

  • Supporting children from deficient backgrounds and their families: financial, material, through education programs, wellness programs, coaching, therapies, courses, workshops.

  • Creating awareness programs within the Altanthea community and society in general, on disadvantaged cases, through events, fundraising, various social projects.

Our Ways  to Act


Educational programs, courses, workshops for children who do not have access to a complete learning system. Integration in our classes of 2-3 children annually, who can not afford to pay for kindergarten.


Holding events, educational conferences, fundraising symposiums, retreats, social dharma kitchen, etc. Campaigns on education, nutrition, health, infrastructure. Service for Community and Volunteer Campaigns. Strategic partnerships with other organizations involved in the education process.


Educating parents through various courses, workshops, attracting them to counseling, parenting, trainings, coaching programs.


Trainings and wellness activities for families in rural areas and beyond. Helping by danating to disadvantaged families clothes, food, objects of common use.

Our mission

Creating a better, more conscious world in peace, harmony, prosperity and balance.

Creating a general well-being, a social wellbeing.

A society of the future to which we all aspire, without violence, without shortcomings. 

 Our Vision

An association that brings value to the society where it operates. Brings value in the community through holistic education, awareness and involvement.

Get Involved


We share the belief that we, as human beings, have the great power to HELP. Your donation can change a life!

Finance a Project

Choose one of the Atlanthea projects (renovation of a classroom, funds for a year for a child to go to school, purchase of school books, etc.)
Follow the progress with us, we are open and transparent. Get actively involved and you will know exactly the evolution of the project and the purpose of your funding.

Become a Volunteer

Learn more about your community.


Buy a Present

When buying gifts for your loved ones, think about brightening the days of disadvantaged children as well. For you it means a little but for them it means the first gift ever received!

Inspire those around you too!


Our Team

Alexandra Dumitrescu



Paula Godeanu


Crina Maria Vlădilă



Humaniatarian Campaigns

We are collaborators of the New Horizons Family Association and with their help we have identified children who go to state schools, in special classes, who only follow the basic subjects. We can offer them in our center or at their school workshops and courses in art, mindfulness, music, theater and intuitive painting, which will give them a different perspective on learning.


December is a special month. It is the month when we forget that it is cold outside and we warm our souls by giving. Atlanthea launches every year the SHARE IS TO CARE campaign of solidarity with those in need, which will take place in December. So, we invite you to join us in a fairytale December, which we will remember fondly and in which we will know that even a small gesture of ours contributed to the smile on a child’s face!