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Cookies usage policy

1. The policy for the use of cookies and its purposes

This policy refers to cookies and similar technologies used, as appropriate, in the website belonging to the ATLANTHEA ASSOCIATION. with its registered office in STR. CASTANILOR NR. 4E, CHITILA, JUD. ILFOV

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • operation of the site,
  • analysis of the behavior of site visitors
  • for advertising

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that store information about you, your web browser, and your behavior on the Internet. These are stored on your computer or device and can be used by websites or web applications to adjust your online experience.

3. What are cookies used for?

Cookies are transmitted between a sender (usually a website or a web application) and a recipient (your device). A cookie is created and interpreted by the sender, while the recipient only keeps it and sends it back if the sender requests it.

When you browse the Internet, the sender is the server that hosts a web site and the recipient is the web browser that visits that site. Their purpose is to identify the user, to verify his past activity on that site and to provide specific content based on this data.

They are also used in the preparation of anonymous aggregate statistics that help us understand how a user benefits from our web pages, allowing us to improve their structure and content, without allowing personal identification of the user.

4. How are cookies used by this site?

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site, being set on your device when accessing the site or following the actions performed on the site.

5. What types of cookies do we use?

We use three types of cookies:

Session cookies

It exists in a temporary memory until the internet browser is closed.

Persistent cookies

These are temporary files that remain in the user’s terminal until the session ends or the application closes. Fixed cookies remain on the user’s terminal for a period determined by the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.

Secure cookies

An encrypted cookie only works over a secure HTTPS connection. These cookies contain information about the user and are mainly used by sites on which users perform financial transactions.

6. How are cookies used by this site?

A visit to this site may place the following types of cookies:

  • cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the site
  • analysis cookies

Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site, being set on your device when accessing the site or following the actions performed.

7. Do cookies process personal data?

The cookies we use do not request personal information in order to be used and do not personally identify internet users.

8. How do I block or delete cookies?

If you decide that you are not satisfied with the use of cookies on this site, you can easily delete them from your browser’s cookie folder. You can also set your browser to block cookies or send a warning notification before a cookie is stored on your computer. You can find more information about cookies in the browser menu. When you block cookies, you can still use our websites, but this will have a negative impact on the use of these websites.

9. Links and useful information

If you want to know more about cookies and what they are used for, we recommend the following links:

National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing

Address: Bucharest, b-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru no. 28-30, sector 1, postal code 010336


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